Photo Excursions


The photography excursions offered by Carl Johnson fall into two categories: workshops and tours. While many photographers use these terms interchangeably, they are distinct products. A tour is generally a location photo opportunity where a professional photography guides you to ensure you capture the best images at the right time of day for each location, while providing some limited in-field instruction. Tours are generally geared toward the intermediate and advanced photographic consumer. A workshop combines the location photography elements with comprehensive classroom instruction and field assignments to practice particular skills and techniques. Workshops are thus geared more toward the beginning to intermediate photographic consumer, but can be enjoyed by the experience photographer who may want to refine certain techniques.


Carl offers three distinct types of tours. First, there are personalized day tours geared toward the traveler who has some extra time in Anchorage at some point during an Alaska visit and is looking for an activity to fill the day, or part of the day. There are currently four different open tours offered in this category at different times of the year: the Aurora Photo Tour (fall through winter), Turnagain Arm Landscape Tour (year round), Anchorage Moose Tour (fall only), and Wildflower Tour (summer). Each tour is priced at $350 per day per participant. Secondly, there are tours operated out of fixed locations that will last for at least three nights and three days. These are generally held at remote wilderness lodges or lodges along the road system. The prices for these tours are approximately $2,500 per participant for the road-system lodges and $4,000 or more for the wilderness lodges, and are all-inclusive. Finally, there are tours operated in conjunction with a guided backcountry trip through an established guiding firm. While many guiding companies highlight the natural beauty of their destinations, none of them provide professional photographic instruction as part of the package. Operating with an existing guiding firm offers Carl the opportunity to provide in-field instruction while the logistics of running camp are addressed by the backcountry guiding company. Prices will vary depending on the base price of the guided trip.


All workshops are at designated locations, all-inclusive, designed to maximize learning and provide a unique Alaskan experience. Time is scheduled during the workshop period for the participant to enjoy other aspects of the services provided at the lodge. These are summer and fall workshops oriented to provide instruction on a variety of subjects, from macro to landscape. Prices range from $3,500 to $4,800 per participant based on double occupancy.

Brooks Range: Aurora and Autumn Photo Tour

I am pleased to announce some very exciting news: I will be offering an autumn and aurora borealis photo tour that is feature packed, filled with several exceptional photographic opportunities and designed to help improve your photography in a short time! This workshop will take you to some of the most beautiful landscape scenery that is accessible from the Alaskan road system. Based in the subject of Robert Marshall's "Arctic Village," the village of Wiseman, the location for this tour, will provide quick access to dramatic mountain and river landscapes, and place us at the heart of Alaska's aurora activity. The autumn landscapes will include golden aspens as well as the red and orange colors of alpine tundra, and possibly even fresh dustings of snow. The aurora landscapes will include river, stream and pond reflections, mountain passes, wide open tundra, and close mountain scenes. Click here to read more and register for this tour!